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Gregg's A-List offers small-packing, lightweight, top-shelf camping gear for all kinds of adventurers.

Helinox Chair Ground Sheet


Helinox Chair Ground Sheet

Ground Sheet-zm.jpg
Ground Sheet-zm.jpg

Helinox Chair Ground Sheet


Almost everyone who has had a Helinox chair for a season or two has figured out that they sink in sand or soft ground. The first year or two, lots of feet were lost when extracting the chairs from mud and mire (the feet are now not so easily dislodged). This GroundSheet solves that sinking feeling you otherwise might get while sitting in your Helinox chair. You're chair's feet slip into the reinforced corner pockets, and for additional security you can loop the retainer belt around the chair's crossbar.  Fold/roll it and pack it along with the frame and sling in the regular carrying sack. .

  • Chair footprint for use on sand or muddy ground
  • Added stability
  • Chair legs slide into corner pockets
  • Secures to chair with center attachment
  • Folds/rolls for easy storage
  • SMALL: Chair One (Original, Elite, Tactical)
    LARGE: Camp Chair & Sunset Chair
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