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Gregg's A-List offers small-packing, lightweight, top-shelf camping gear for all kinds of adventurers.


Cot Lite

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Cot Lite


A cot that's light enough to take backpacking? Maybe, maybe not. You decide, but at just 2.6 lbs, this is one light cot!  And it packs small - just 21" x 5" x 5".  It gets you off the ground and delivers more support and comfort than a pad alone (but a pad is still strongly recommended for insulation). The Cot Lite is very simple to set up, and though it doesn't have the advanced mechanical tensioning system of the other Helinox cots, it is well constructed with durable, strong poles and push-tensioned legs.

I've spent a lot of nights on one of these, and I can attest to its comfort.  I thought it was going to be too droopy/saggy as well as too narrow, but I found that I liked it just fine.  With a sleeping pad adequately inflated, the cot's sag just sort of nests you.  Though it's about 3" narrower than the High Cot I usually use, it didn't find it restrictive and I wasn't bothered by the side rails.  Again, the sleeping pad helped.

Capacity: 265 lbs
Length: 72.8"
Width: 23.6"
Height: 5.1"
Weight 2.6 lbs
Packed Dimensions 21" x 5" x 5"

Frame: DAC TH72M aluminum-titanium alloy - super strong, super light.

Weighing in at well under 3lbs, you can lift this cot with your little finger. 

You can set it up with all four legs or just three, but the 3-leg set-up is for youngsters, not adults. 

All pole parts - legs and side rails - are shock-corded, so there's no puzzle to putting them together.  They don't exactly self-assemble, but pretty close. 

Please note: The Lite Cot features press-fit legs rather than the mechanical tensioning system of the other Helinox cots.  The cot is rated for 260lbs, but that would be testing the limits, I think.  Campers under 200lbs will find the cot most comfortable. 

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