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Gregg's A-List offers small-packing, lightweight, top-shelf camping gear for all kinds of adventurers.

Exped Synmat Mega 12LXW

Sleeping Mats/Pads

Exped Synmat Mega 12LXW

SynMat 12 LXW end.jpg
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SynMat 12 LXW end.jpg
Big SynMat 12-horz.jpg

Exped Synmat Mega 12LXW


This is the sleeping mat that gets all the attention when I display mats.  The size really makes it stand out, and when people lie on it they don't want to leave!  You can inflate this mat to be as firm as any, but because of its thickness, you also have the option of going ultra cushy. 

These mats are SO comfortable! I slept on one most of last season and have become a true believer. They are over 4.5 luxurious inches thick, and you can inflate them as firm or as cushy as you want. The sleeping surface is almost flat (no deep channels/gutters) and the edges are squared off rather than rounded so you get more usable surface area.

The "12" indicates the thickness in centimeters. 12cm is about 4.6". The "LXW" designation means "Long and Xtra Wide." They are 77" x 25.5" x 4.6".

These mats match up really well with a Helinox Cot Max. They'll also work with the High Cot and Cot One, but not as well. If you have Cot One or a High Cot, I'd recommend the LW instead of this LXW.

I-Beam/baffle construction, synthetically insulated, and durable FlatValve technology.  A Schnozzel Pump Bag (inflation device) is included and works great for quick and easy inflation. 

Temperature: -4 °F (R-Value: 5.30)

Dimensions: 77.5" x 25.5" x 4.6"

Width: 30.3"

Weight: 49.2 oz (a hair over 3lbs)

Packed dimensions: 12.2" x 6.3"

Product contents: Mat, Schnozzel Pumpbag, transit sack, repair kit

Warranty: 5 years

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